Megha Mehta

The simplicity of

a drop of pure water in 

an earthen pot


The purity of connection

that deepens with

every laugh


The silence I share 

with you

reflects just that

Like a rainbow

that brings it's colours forth

still merging into one


I want to express my deepest core 

with you and then into 

nothingness submerge


Let my body be the singing bowl

that will resonate with the parts

of you that are one 

And see you so deeply

that I be the ONLY ONE...



Megha Mehta 

Coach, Author, Speaker


I am a certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Angel card reader who became a Life Coach by nature's design.


I am creatively inclined and a staunch listener of my inner wisdom which I use when I coach my clients.


My approach is a combination of releasing limiting beliefs, healing past situations and building a healthy diet and lifestyle.


When I am not glued to my Skype or Phone on coaching calls I love to crochet, read my ever increasing list of must-read books, giggle with my 4 yr old earth fairy and sip on filter coffee in my balcony. 

Dear Megha,

We have come into a year since I started my coaching sessions with you. Thank you for helping me find my identity, to become closer with my true self, and most of all, teaching me about self-acceptance. I'm so grateful you came into my life and be the light to shine on my path on those dark days.  Thank you ever ever so much!

Helen Tay

Hi Megha your session was really amazing and I actually penned down my beliefs related to my health and then I realised my underlying fears over the diseases I would face in future like I have this strange thoughts uterus is going to be unhealthy like all women after some Yearsं.....listening to u always brings about a REVOLUTIONARY change in my thought process....,thanks for being there......
- Pooja

Life Purpose Clarity, Emotional Healing, Health Concerns, Self Esteem Issues, Relationship Troubles and more

4,6 and 12 session packages available for coaching that is conducted over the phone or Skype.

I also offer Angel Card Reading sessions.

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