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Getting Healthier When It's Exhausting

You know those inspiring days when you decide you want to eat healthier, get in shape, start a morning routine and start to pay more attention to your health. But somehow your life is all-consuming and you're already exhausted when you get started. And in the midst of that, when you attempt to make changes, you're already getting prepared for imminent failure.

Here's something I realized this morning, it was like a huge aha moment:

If it feels difficult and challenging then you're not getting any healthier by doing it!

I believe that nutrition was never meant to be complicated. Well-being was never something that had to be laboured over.

Yes it's something that needs constant effort. But the effort is to find more ease eventually, not towards continuing to make more complicated effort.

Part of the reason why we make wellbeing so complicated is because we believe that we cannot get healthier unless we're doing something complicated and making a lot of effort towards it. We believe that unless our minds are very engaged we're probably not making huge progress.

For many years, I struggled with getting healthy, losing weight and feeling good about myself. I tried hundreds of different foods, attempted different workouts every few weeks, read every health article I could find online and offline and ate fruits as often as twice a day! Looking back to that phase of my life, I realize that in spite of all my efforts I continued to be unhappy; I disliked my body a lot, had very low stamina, a really bad backache most days and a general feeling of discontent permeating my life.

Fast forward a few years and now I feel energetic, I never stress about and in fact greatly enjoy my food, I love my imperfectly perfect sensitive skin and feel totally powerful when it comes to impacting my well-being the way I’d like to.

This is a classic case of how certain things are really really difficult until they become really really easy. And I want to remind you that until the time it's difficult and exhausting and complicated, you're most likely not achieving the health and wellness you desire. In the next few posts we'll explore how to move from a difficult and complicated way of pursuing wellbeing to effortlessly owning and enjoying true wellbeing. Watch out for my next post - coming soon!

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