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The solution is within the problem!

Remember how I told you about the journey from the very very difficult to the very very easy when it comes to your health and well-being!

I am going to let you in on all the ups and downs of the journey I made, the gory details as well as the pleasant surprises. I hope my story inspires you to take charge of your own wellbeing. I will also share with you in detail the techniques and practices that took me to the other side. By applying the ones that you like, I am certain that you will begin to find the balance that you long for, create contentment for yourself and build a framework that will allow your wellbeing to become easy and achievable.

So here's the first and most important learning - I found that one of the biggest challenges of the very difficult and mostly unsuccessful part of my well-being journey was that I was very externally focused. I only thought of my body as a function of two most important factors – food and exercise :D

I also believed that if the exercise part of the equation was not taken care of well enough then the whole burden of the duty fell on eating right. (How many of you have ever felt that way?) Because of which I began to obsess about food like it is the only part of getting healthy that’s actually important.

But here's the most important part! To make my external focus worse, I believed that eating right and getting healthier will eventually come from reading more information or getting a diet plan from a nutritionist or dietitian or another expert.

In essence, I didn’t have a positive relationship with food for the longest time. And I was also totally oblivious to what a huge part the internal factors have to play in getting and staying well.

I decided to write this blog post series to help you understand how food is only a small part of the wellness equation. As you read along and apply some of the techniques, you will also get a glimpse into the power of your intention when it comes to having the health and wellness you desire.

Just like any other skill, developing a way to impact your wellbeing the way you’d like, requires constant practice. As you continue to apply the techniques you will have a stronger and stronger muscle to steer your wellness the way you’d like to.

By looking at the power of your internal focus, you can have the exact amount of wellbeing you desire, in each of the areas of your life that you truly wish to. This is how you can use the wisdom from this book to create your own way of finding your rhythm.

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