• Megha Mehta

Thyroid, Fibromyalgia, PCOS - Is your diagnosis a sentence?

I was inspired to write this post from the thought that came up yesterday which was about how a particular diagnosis becomes a part of our existence.

So if you have a new condition - it takes some time for you to accept it. Then, slowly over the months and years you start to look at it as a part of you. Very soon after, you become so possessive about it that if someone were to suggest a simple solution to your problem you'd be irked. Because you'll feel like they're belittling your pain. Because you dislike the fact that they're not honouring your struggle!


  • But by holding our pain so close to us

  • By becoming so possesive about our condition

  • By being so defensive when someone suggests a solution

We're only making it that much more difficult for the healing to occur.

We're only creating the wrong conditions where change cannot easily take place.

So today, no matter whether it was a thyroid condition, fibromyalgia, PCOS or something else that the doctor gave to you as a verdict, I want to ask you to consider these options-

How can I introduce more vibrations of wellness every day?

How about I never forget the miracles that happen every day in our lives?

How about I marvel at the beauty and brilliance of our amazing body and how it can heal itself ALL THE TIME?

Wishing you an abundance of health and joy!

Megha :)

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