• Megha Mehta

Is Your Soul Malnourished?

There are certain things that you did, maybe as a child, that made your heart sing. Allowed you to forget that time exists. And made you feel alive.

For so many people a sport, their first crush or a special friendship can be like that.

Just like play is important for a child to learn, grow and see the beauty of deriving pleasure from simple things, so too is play, fun and pleasure important for an adult.

But we constantly get lost in the urgency of our emails, messages, news, making ends meet, staying afloat in the daily quagmire so much that we forget to nourish our soul.

Floating Bubble

Ideally, this is something that needs to come naturally to us. But because of the normal urban lifestyle and the fast pace of our lives that leaves little time for connection with ourselves, we need some conscious effort in nourishing our soul – on a DAILY basis!

One way I like to do this is by checking in with my heart space (which is the place I believe my soul speaks to me from) about whether I am truly content and happy about my day’s activities so far. By doing this several times a day, I get a clear indication about whether I am on track with doing things that truly nourish my soul.

Whether that is to check in with your heart about whether you should spend more time communicating with your team, or it is to feel into the current project you have at work and see how much working on it feels soul-satisying, becoming aware of what nourishes your soul will help you steer your day and your life towards greater joy and contentment.

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