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Why I chose a Waldorf school for my daughter

Much as we tried my 3 year old got the words 'good girl' and 'naughty girl' into her little vocabulary. She constantly asked me to say that she was being a good girl by helping her teachers and by following what they said. I never liked the idea of it because to me it felt like it was more important to be 'real' and 'find her own personality' rather than try to 'fit into' the definitions that her teachers and elders formed for her!

One of those days when she and I engaged in role play and she was my teacher, she got totally upset with me about not following her lead and asked me to go to the naughty corner. I was livid at the fact that a 'naughty corner' existed in her 3 year old world. I dont like the idea of someone being 'punished' because of a tempter tantrum they're having.

What message are we giving to our children if we tell them that they either need to fit in or feel excluded and left out?

Quite simply put I was never impressed with the philosophy of a modern school which wasn't grounded in real understanding of a child's world as it really is!


I met my daughter's (now current) kindergaten teacher

I saw for the first time how a teacher displayed a deep understanding of a child's world - which is very different - very free from conditioning and very open and imaginative in contrast to an adult's world.

I also saw a person who wasn't interested in impressing me by sending home little prized trophies in the form of arts and crafts but in really nurturing my little one's world as it should really be.

I was so grateful to finally find someone who would be able to educate my little one's hands and heart and not her head through numbers and alphabets and rote learning.

This Waldorf school also holds monthly parent circles and I can't wait to attend my first one with a group of similar minded parents where we share our learnings, read together and create a community of nurturing these little souls.

I am so excited at the prospect of giving my child a chance to nurture her whole self, a chance to be accepted for who she is and a system of learning that's spirtually rooted and will allow her to navigate her life with a much better set of tools than I was initially equipped with!

Until next time,

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