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I smell ghee melting on parathas..

And 4 other beautiful things that I get to experience EVERYDAY because of my move back to India!

1. Every time I step on to the balcony I smell ghee either melting on parathas or being used to roast them to get to a really yummy and edible consistency! God help me if I am super hungry at that point!

2. I see fresh flower sellers everywhere. I am used to seeing barely one or two shops in the whole city where we could buy fresh flowers and garlands. Now, I see them everywhere and I have to really exercise self-control to not go running to them and buy a big huge bunch.

3. Young blood everywhere! It's hard to not miss the bursting at its seams youth population everywhere I go - whether it's a movie, restaurant or a shopping mall.

4. Smiling faces, jokes and laughter - I love to be able to see SO MANY people laughing, poking fun at each other and generally enjoying their day! What a relief to have silliness and humour be part of your environment!

5. A helping hand for everything - whether it's the plumber who will repair the tap, the computer guy who will be willing to check out your printer or the roadside bakery who is willing to part with some fresh yeast for your bread there's helping hands anywhere you go.

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