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How to become Happy & Energised through Movement

Whenever I have been down in the dumps or feeling lost or uninspired, rhythmic movement of any kind is what helps me, ALWAYS, and without fail.

I say “rhythmic” because movement can also mean going over to a shopping mall and spending time doing things that may seem exciting but below the surface are essentially mundane. Those kinds of movement don’t help me get out of the rut that my mind is in.

What helps me instead is the aligning with a rhythm, either the rhythm of music or the rhythm of my breath. Then something shifts. My mind becomes calmer, my being becomes more aligned and I can bring myself back in to balance right away.

Ideas flow, thoughts become more positive and a state of receptivity ensues. That potent state of receptivity is where I know I can find answers to ANYTHING, only by breathing in and out! And that’s all I need to access my body’s wisdom!

Whether you choose yoga, zumba, salsa, running or something else, you need to have developed some depth in the practice for you to be able to listen to your body consistently.

I’ve found that there are common factors in the people who are able to draw great benefits from a regular physical practice. These are qualities of discipline, a love for keeping themselves healthy in body and mind and, of course, a lot of dedication.

I know for so many people movement is a forced, unpleasant activity they have to immerse in, to make sure they keep their weight at bay.

For others, movement is a form of ‘making good’ the sins they’ve committed in the form of eating that piece of chocolate cake the previous day.

These are all forms of limited thinking that keep us externally focused and far from the real solution.

The danger with making movement such an external activity is that you’ll be tired of it someday and find it difficult to continue. Also, because you’re disconnected from exactly how you feel while you’re exercising, you will be unable to choose the best form of movement for you at a given time.

For example, there might be days when you couldn’t find the time to hit the gym or get to your yoga class. On those days, if you’re in connection with the importance of movement not just as an exchange of the calories you consumed, you can stay active by moving around, stretching often and taking a little walk during lunch.

This particular element is a marker of how light or heavy you feel in your body. An indicator of how active and energized you feel. And an indicator of how flexible or stiff you feel.

Movement: Where do you stand today?

1 – Not feeling amazing about my flexibility, lightness or energy levels today




5 – Feeling amazingly light, flexible and active today

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