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3 reasons you're still struggling with getting healthy

Have you gone round

in circles doing your best to eat healthy and lose weight...

You got the meal plans

You decided to begin eating healthier

You even planned groceries and the cooking

But somehow after the first few all trailed off!


You made a promise to exercise

Made sure you followed through with buying the right clothes and shoes

Even set the alarm and woke up on time

But within a few days life too over and you came back to square one

If you have been wondering what's keeping you stuck or bringing you back to square one, I want you to realise this:

YOUR BELIEFS ARE WHAT DRIVE YOUR REALITY If you have limited beliefs - the wrong mindsets about getting healthy and losing weight, then NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, you will continue to struggle! Today, I am sharing with you an extremely important excerpt from my upcoming Find Your Rhythm Version 2. Read through these wrong mindsets to see which one you have so that you can get yourself out of the vicious cycle of frustration and heart ache: 1. Calories in < Calories out (need to burn off anything that’s in excess) You’re working out for the fear of the calories that you ate in the last few days. Not because it feels balancing, amazing and light in your body. It’s like trying to do the right things ONLY to please an unhappy boss rather than finding solutions with a genuine feeling of ownership of the work! 2. Stick through the unpleasant to get the body and health you desire You’re making yourself eat salad 4 times a week because you have an upcoming wedding and you fear you may not really fit into that dress. Even though you hate salad and you feel lightheaded all through the afternoon. This is you viewing a broken, limited version of your body, which is far less likely to bring you closer to achieving the perfect wellness you may dream of. 3. Do something ‘good’ to compensate for the ‘bad’ person you’ve been You promised yourself you’d come to the gym every day but you didn’t feel like and now that you’re back after two weeks, you work out for almost 1.5hours to ‘make good’ your lost time. This is a way of compensating by doing ‘good things’ because we’ve done some ‘bad things’ so that in the end we come out with a clean slate.

P.S: Do you have second thoughts about your choice every time you eat?

Do you wonder if you're eating the right thing to support your health and weight loss goals?

Find out what kind of eater you are so you can make the 'healthiest choice' each time!


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