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Waiting to get hooked? Start Living Now:

Of all the phases in life, this phase of your life, perhaps towards the second half of your 20’s or early 30’s where you begin to feel the need to find your ‘better half’, life can get really uncertain and disheartening low phases can be one too many.

If you're waiting for your life to move forward once you find your partner, if you've ever been disappointed about how you cant be planning anything to do with your future without first finding an answer to this big question mark then this is for you!

I believe life really comes to us when we aren’t trying too hard. When we aren’t waiting around for that one thing to happen. It almost always comes when we’re relaxed, not trying too hard and not forcing a certain result.

But this is probably one aspect of our lives where it can be extra challenging for us to not try too hard or be completely at peace with the results!

After all, the partner we find can determine almost everything about our lives and our future.

But it is possible to start Living Full Now! For all those of you who’re looking to get hooked – whether it will be a love or an arranged match, here are 5 lessons I want to share that will help you to set yourself free and start living fully, NOW! P.S: They'll increase your chances of finding the perfect person by heap loads.

  1. Acknowledge the existing completeness in your life - Instead of waiting around for someone to complete your life, acknowledge the parts of you and your life that are complete, with or without your partner.

  2. Be smart about how you dream up your future - As your mind wanders into thoughts about your future it's natural to get frustrated about how you're not sure of anything right now because you don't know if and when you'll find your life partner. When that happens focus on the feelings you'd like to have. Instead of wanting to dream exact details of the future event look to dream about the feelings you'd like to feel, the kind of environment you'd like to be in and the quality of love and support you'd like to have from your partner and others.

Law of Attraction will make sure you're able to receive all of these if you don't get too hung up on the 'how' or 'who'!

3. Hope for the best, expect little - Yes this is a cliche but it's super important that you set out with full hope about having a beatufiul relationship (not to complete your life but to complement if!) and yet it's really important not to get attached to that final result by keeping your expectations for the relationship really low.

4. Resist the temptation to get it over with - Sometimes you might get tempted to actually find a person and get into a relationship just to 'get it over with'. This normally happens when the people around you have pegged your self-worth to being attached. They almost make it sound like finding a partner is ALL THERE IS to do! It's a great idea to recognize that all of these projections are not really your own and you can live a free, complete and beautiful life even without a partner. Everytime a negative thought about your ability to find a partner comes up, ask yourself - "Is this thought mine or taken on from someone else? Is it really true?"

5. Write a Love List! - I used this years ago when my friend told me about writing a letter to the universe telling it what you're looking for in a partner. The key is to write in detail, enjoy the process and then completely forget about it. My relationship with my partner, Rohit is proof of the fact that this works! Everything I imagined, wrote about and gave away to the universe actually manifested in the form of my husband! On a lighter note, there's a few things I only now realize I forgot to mention in the love list :D

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