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3 fails in the first 5mins of your waking that can lead you to a disastrous day!

I had a pretty irritating day yesterday. Because of my desire to want my day and my life to be aligned with my truth - I can see very easily the times when I am out of sync with my soul and I hate it. I realize though that being angry and judgemental about not being organized, being upset about how little tasks take over my day and hating the lack of clarity about what actions to take - all of these only make that state even more intense.

So my mantra for today is - Be here right now. This moment and all the possibilities within it are new and untouched and capable of magnificence!

I know it sounds difficult but in truth coming back in the moment in total newness is the best thing that I can ever do for myself.

Even then, I decided to track back to see what caused my day to be disastrous yesterday and the many other times in the past. If I could figure out the pattern I am sure I could work on a solution.

I noticed that the morning - the very beginning is really important in setting the tone for my day. It's almost like we have a new opportunity every single day - to make things different. And somehow we get so caught up in the same patterns, even within the first 5mins that we end up creating our past once again.

If you're someone who meditates then the end of your meditation can also be a really powerful start to a new line of thought and reality!

Photo by nenetus.

Here are 3 fails I've noticed from my own patterns that pave the way for a disastrous day for me - within the first few mins of waking:

1. Checking Email, FB, Whatsapp etc:

Our smartphones ruin this for us. The damage that's done is not really in the act of checking through these emails or apps, it's in the false sense of urgency that builds into your day in the first few moments. This sense of urgency keeps you from feeling calm and peaceful through the rest of your day and makes you want to check on your phone every now and then. And that is a sure shot way of taking away your peace of mind!

2. Stepping out of bed without gratitude:

If you're okay with having a normal day and creating your present and future in the same way that your past has been, this step isn't important at all. But if you're one of those people who would like to have a future that's beautiful, unique and totally different from your past, then this is the one thing to imbibe into your day. It doesn't come automatically, but with practice it only gets easier. The rule is to wake up with one thing that you're truly grateful for each day, You're much more likely to have a positive and uplifting day by this little 3 second practice.

3. Carrying a low feeling vibration from your previous day

You may have not slept very well (if that's happening often I highly recommend paying much more attention to it to resolve whatever is keeping you from getting a good night's rest). You may have had a low point in the previous day. You may have disliked something about your work. Whatever it is that remains within you from the previous day(s) can be let go. Because the morning is your chance to start afresh. See if you can breathe, stretch and feel the newness of the day within your body as you step out of bed. It's sure to do wonders to your day.

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