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3 Mistakes I Made While Writing My First Book

Writing my first book "Find Your Rhythm - feel your way to perfect wellness" was a labour of love. I remember getting inspired to write, to share and to bring the message out in the world that wellness didn't have to be like rocket science.

I had found everyone around me obsessing too much about losing weight and being healthy. And after years of training, research, experimenting with my own way of eating and working with several clients, I realised it didn't have to be so.

The realisation dawned on me that if you got your mind body soul in alignment, then the right food, the right energy intake would be a simple intuitive decision. And not stressful, complicated or challenging.

And then the inspiration became so huge that it almost became painful to keep the message within me. That's when I started to put pen to paper, or fingers on keyboard rather!


it was more challenging than I had imagined. The process of putting down on paper what I was feeling - needed me to examine the deep recesses of my soul and bring out the shadows, embrace the vulnerability and open myself up to any possibility.

Looking back there are 3 mistakes I made (although there isn't such a thing as a mistake, these were more like learning steps) :

1. I doubted my message had any meaning/weight

I wanted to get my message (about well being being a simple intuitive process) out in the world but I constantly doubted it. I wondered if anyone would want to hear this message from me. Whether I had enough depth of experience to be the one to talk about this. Whether my word would have any weight in the world.

Now looking back I realised that most authors and creatives spend months and years working on their art. When a piece of their art or work becomes popular we only focus on the success they've achieved without realising that they probably created tons of 'not so perfect' pieces on the way to getting there.

Now that the book has been well received by many acquaintances, friends, family and many strangers who drop me notes about how much the book helped them I know that I was going down the wrong track!

2. I didn't believe in my ability to write

I had won an essay writing competition when I was in school. I didn't think though that I had it in me to be able to write a whole book that was engaging and imparted learning to the reader.

Looking back I realised that the most important thing was to just let it flow. Since this message was an inspiration straight from my heart, all I had to do was to write whatever came to me and then use my grammar and editing to make it more presentable and readable.

3. I thought the world was waiting to hear a solution

When I began writing I imagined a reader who was waiting to hear a solution. A reader who was struggling with their issues and concerns and was already looking to find a way out.

Looking back I realised that wasn't the case.

The truth was that most readers weren't aware of what their problem is. They were struggling, sure. They were having every day challenges, yes. But they didn't know what the exact issue was. Which is why they didn't know what the right solution would be!

When I was able to understand the mistakes I had made with my first book, I decided to take a step forward and begin to write a second version. I fleshed out with the help of a book coach the exact steps that needed to be taken for someone to find their rhythm with eating and living.

It was a beautifully grounding experience and gave me a chance to apply a ton of things I had already learnt.

The new version is now available on Amazon - paperback and ebook version. Order your copy today!

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