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New To India - Hugely Successful Healing Modality

For 20 years as a physician Uwe tested his patients without using a single device - no blood pressure monitor, no scans, no tests. And he treated them without using a single medication.

Uwe Albrecht, the creator of Innerwise believes that we need to stop treating the symptoms and rather develop the art of healing, addressing body, spirit and soul all at once. He compares treating symptoms to taking a hammer to a warning light, as for example the check oil light in a car. The light is gone and doesn’t bother us any more, but before we know it, all the oil might be gone and the motor is kaputt. The same holds true for us. Our symptoms are warning signs telling us that we need to do something differently.

"Centuries ago, the physicians still offered complete medicin e. Until the big separation started." - Dr. Uwe Albrecht

Innerwise was born out of his search for real medicine - a combination of many different approaches like Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy and many more. And instead of treating the symptoms, the system allows to identify the patterns and the underlying issues in the field.

When you change the field, reality will follow. Just like when you change the music, the change in the dance will follow too.

The beauty of this system is that it's available for everyone to use. Anyone can learn the Yes/No testing and use this simple testing mechanism to test everything from medicines, allergies to colours to wear or what to eat.

If you would like to find out more about the self treatment options, download the app - Innerwise Basic from the Apple or Google play store.

Or attend the workshops in Bangalore and Hyd this June.

11th and 12th June - Sat and Sun - Bangalore

Email: or sms/whatsapp: 9739728000

24th and 25th June - Fri and Sat - Hyderabad

Sms/whatsapp Pooja: 98861 97019

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