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Injections, IV's, Money Minded Doctors..

All my life I've feared needles and IV's. All my life I've heard negative things about the commercial aspects of a hospital that make health care ineffective for us. In fact, this is a fear that I got from my mother. Her dislike of hospitals and the modern health care system was so huge that she took it upon herself to take such good care of her health that she wouldn't need to bank on allopathic health care.

For my mother that included yoga, good fresh food and alternative remedies. I took that a step further by deeply engaging in the practices of yoga for adults, children, babies, pregnant women. I trained in integrative nutrition and learned the immense benefits of good self care and excellent emotional health.

Some of the issues I had with modern medicine

- It felt counter intuitive - if my skin issue is being caused by the toxins in my blood, how could I be going to a dermatologist to actually resolve that issue? If there's anything a dermatologist would do, it would be to drive the issue down deeper using medication to make the issue disappear from the surface.

- It felt distant and cold - If emotions play such a huge role in healing - why do hospitals feel the opposite of safe and comfortable. The lights, the smell the sounds. There's no feeling of healing present there. The surest way to increase someone's blood pressure, I'd think!

- Temporary relief at what cost? - I've seen modern medicines help us to a large extent. We all need the relief at some point. But to use medicines as a constant way to shut down the body's symptoms is like breaking the car's fuel indicator for showing up a low fuel sign.

- Disconnection from the full view of the human being - If we are spiritual beings having a material experience, then the full understanding of a human being should encompass our spiritual learning, our emotional state and our joy. Modern medicine seems to forget to take into account the quality of life and instead takes a broken view of our goal in life making it all about the -absence of disease.

This is what led my search for the real secret to good health. I wanted to avoid sub standard health care solutions and look at my health from a fuller perspective. Modern medicine was limited, nutrition could heal only so much, self care took care of better recovery but didn't look at the root cause, most energy healing methods did a generic approach on the root cause of the illness...


Innerwise was this open breathing living system created by Dr. Uwe Albrecht who brought all realities, times, spaces, levels into perspective as he looked into a person's energy field. I finally found the key to creating a curiosity about our bodies and it's issues that allowed us to step out of ourselves and using a simple intuitive process be able to see blocks, irritations and layers that were coming in the way. Eventually it allowed for beautiful spontaneous healing.

I am teaching the Innerwise Workshop in Bangalore, India on the 11th and 12th of June and 24th and 25th June in Hyderabad. Email '' to register!

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