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This Is How You Stay Consistently Inspired

Whether it's authors, CEO's or other star performers, there's always this little voice within each of us that pulls us down, keeps us small and somehow wants us to stay stuck!

Is it because we have a little enemy inside each of us?

On the contrary, this little voice actually is the voice of our fears. You can call it an ego mind, a small self, an inner critic or an inner mean girl/boy - it's aim is to keep us safe.

However, if you get really familiar with this voice, you'll know pretty soon that the fears that it worries about are mostly unfounded!

Which is why, it's really important to not let this mean voice get in the driver's seat.

Here's a little experience I had with this inner mean critic, that is the stuff of every mom's worst nightmare!

A few months ago, I had my sister visit me and spend two days with me. On one of those days she was busy shopping and since my little 4.5yr old only had little time to spend with her cousins, my sister just allowed all three of the children to tag along with her.

In that one day that my daughter spent with her cousins and aunt (masi) she had a lot of time to chat, blabber, be happy and complain too. At one point, she made a very interesting statement to my sis - 'Mama doesn't spend time with me. She's always working'. She probably said it in jest or maybe she meant it and was truly hurt from her mother not being around.

Whatever the case be, my sister was deeply concerned and she called me as soon as she was back at home and settled. She told me it was a concern.

Thankfully, when she first called me she began to say something and the phone got disconnected. Somehow, I knew what was coming and had a few minutes to think through and prepare!

Here's what I did - I spoke to my inner critic - I said I know this makes you feel like a direct failure as a mother. I know this is difficult and feels like an attack on how good you are as a parent. But I know that you only have your fears and they aren't needed for me right now. I acknowledge how this makes you question me but I am not allowing you to get on the driver's seat right now. You can stay in the car, just stay in the backseat and don't drive any decisions.

Then when she called me back and was concerned because her own fears were also fanned, I was in a better place to handle all of it. I explained to her that it's just something my little one said without meaning it seriously. I explained that our children get used to their dad's working and accept that as something that will happen every day. Because we are always on the borderline and wondering about our place in the home work balance slide, these little complaints go out every once in a while. They don't have to drive our decisions at all.

Here's the video that explains how you can use this technique to stay inspired consistently:

What has been your experience of following your highest self, especially when your inner critic tries to get in the way? Do you have your own favourite technique of handling it?

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