• Megha Mehta

When You Want To Guarantee The Outcomes

Most times we don't go ahead and take a chance because we're afraid of what will go wrong. The mind stops us in our track before we can even take our first steps.

What if it doesn't work out

What if people find out

What if things don't fall in place

When we go into a clothing store, we know that the best way to figure out if something works for us is to try the clothes on! But in life, most of us are not fans of trial rooms. We don't want to allow ourselves to try on our options or ideas on for size and feel. We want to figure it all out, have guarantees of outcomes and protect ourselves from any possible downsides.

But, what we fail to see is this:

The process of guaranteeing results and asking for expected outcomes takes away the adventure of trial and the freedom of choice from us. More than anything else we actually want to feel our freedom in creating life bit by bit - to our own liking. When we allow ourselves to be guided by what the norms are of good and bad, success and failure we may feel more safe, but we don't feel fully alive.

And then that sense of despair and emptiness comes back to us. Because we haven't lived fully yet. We haven't allowed ourselves fully yet!

  • What if we were okay with following our curiosity and going wrong every now and then, what's the worst that would happen?

  • What if we gave ourselves permission to be totally imperfect and just lay still for hours if that's what we felt like, without any judgement of how unproductive we were?

  • What if we allowed ourselves to be bad mothers, bad employees, bad spouses for not doing the 'right' thing?

The 'right' way to be is a construction of the mind, created by a mind driver society over a period of many years. And it doesn't necessarily lead us down a path of fully living our boldest, happiest most adventurous and fun lives.

So how much do you want to continue to be guided by those 'right' norms?

What if you allowed yourself to be 'bad' and 'wrong' and 'not match expectations'?

What would you create?

P.S: Whether you're a full time working person or a flexi time passion pursuer, living a life full of passion and purpose and a balance of work and life are totally possible and accessible for you. Starting this 21st of Nov I am holding a 30 day audio program to help you get on your path to purpose and passion so that you can start 2017 on the right note! If you'd like to get into this very special pioneer program, email me on for details.

Much love!


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