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Be The Heroine Of Your Life

Be The Heroine Of Your Life......Not The Victim

- Nora Ephron

To be the central character of your life who takes ownership of her life fully and completely means to have :

  • commitment to your highest purpose

  • an unfailing trust in yourself

  • reminding yourself to get up every single time you fall off track

  • letting go of the need for other people's approval

  • and never allowing yourself to be stuck in blame and resentment about not being able to achieve your dreams

Victimhood Feels Familiar To Most Of Us:

Being the victim causes us to lose our perspective in the midst of complaining, blaming and avoiding actions needed to meet the challenge. The heroine, writes her own story – always wants more out of life and takes charge of getting what she wants. Whether it be; career, family, love, friendships – Nora Ephron believed we women can have it all – and should go for it full force, without whining about why it can’t be.

Why Frame Your Life In A Larger Than Life Heroine's Story?

Most mythological stories have gotten into our thoughts and memories but almost none has touched our hearts. Not in a way that we can relate to ourselves in the journey. In a way that we can understand and attach a greater meaning to our struggles in our lives. While, it's okay to go by life that way, what we are essentially missing out on by doing that is a frame of reference that we can draw immense strength and inspiration from. A chance to put our little every day selves into a larger perspective that allows us to find courage when we need it the most. And a forgetting of the interconnectedness and the simultaneous specialness and nothingness of our troubles and hurdles!

This is an image of the heroine's journey that we go through in the 30 Day Passion+Purpose Audio Program where we get into a beautiful understanding of some of our biggest hurdles. As women put themselves into a reflective mood about the theme of their lives and the parts of this journey that are closest to them a lot of things happen:

In the words of Pooja who related to the Mother Wound very deeply:

"And some of the social norms that we pick up from society or from the thought processs or working style of our mums n grannies....that's such a stereotype.....and I realised this was pulling me back or keeping me tied(always trying to be perfect n then finally unaware where all the frustration is rooted), not letting me move forward in my direction or path which was so clear in front of me."

Some women were able to identify the deep conditioning that they were still being unconsciously guided by. That was keeping them limited and stuck in many ways.

Before I understood the importance of taking charge of my own life and being the writer of my own victory. Before I understood how little hurdles get created in my mind every now and then, I blamed more than I lived. I complained more than I allowed myself to be inspired. And I frequently played small out of fear of overstepping unspoken agreements.

Here's how I expressed this sense of victimhood in myself

"I realize I am very often waiting for someone else to be the hero. For someone else to be the voice who will sort things out for me. For someone else to rescue me from my suffering. For someone else to figure things out for me. For someone else to put a stamp of approval on my way of thinking.

But the truth is that now is the time for us to stand up for ourselves. Be open to learning our own lessons. Find the power within us to resolve the exact puzzles that have presented themselves to us in our life right now. To be our own heroines. To chart our own paths.

If not me, who will it be anyway?

It's time for self responsibility..It's time to embody love and acceptance for ourselves and others. Compassion, infinite love and freedom are beautiful side effects of this!"

I have decided to take charge! What about you?

P.S: The next 30 Day Passion+Purpose Program begins on the 21st of April. Are you ready to take charge of your life? Register here to enrol yourself right away!

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