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The Real Secret Behind Inner Peace

Yes I have it. I have the key that will help you find that one thing that every one yearns for. The one thing that Kung Fu Panda, The Zen Blogs and Minimalists are all inspiring you towards finding through various different methods. Of course, all their ideas are helpful and can support us towards finding inner peace.


Sometimes going after inner peace can be sabotaging. When you attach too much weight on something, the moments, hours or days that it can take to getting there can feel like hell. In a way that even if you're moving forward towards your goal you might feel like you're not going fast enough. Or when you make some progress and fall behind sometimes, you might feel dejected.

So unfortunately we end up pegging our satisfaction and joy on 'achieving' something (inner peace) that ends up making us dissatisfied in the process.


Instead of hankering after inner peace, it dawned on me that I need to only look for this one thing. This is much less 'weighty' as a goal. It has much lesser expectations and connotations from people when compared to the other goals. And it has so much spaciousness that it is unconditional in nature.


The real secret behind inner peace in my experience is .......................Profound Clarity. Are you surprised? Are you wondering how clarity can lead to inner peace? Read on...

Know of the time when for days and weeks you were in a dilemma about what decision to take? The time when you were wondering if your relationship with that guy who doesn't feel 'right' should finally end? The phase in your life when your career needed to be sorted and you were lost and confused about what to do?

Every single time you were confused, frustrated and unsure, inner peace always evaded you. And every single time you finally found clarity is when you truly found your inner peace.


Clarity is a state of being where we are totally in touch with ourselves. Where we are accepting of our emotions. When we are comfortable with the beautiful parts of us as well as the messy imperfect parts of us. The more deeper we go in understanding and accepting our complicated selves the more clarity we will have at any given time.


When you accept every single part of you, whether you're still materialistic, get angry at your sister in law every time she makes a comment, or you hate the guts of your neighbour, you stop seeking for external validation to make yourself love-worthy. When you become accepting of each of your emotions, the need to fight with yourself and others about justifying what you're feeling or denying the inconvenient parts of you stops. All the energy expended in these distractions is now yours to have. And suddenly with this deep acceptance comes....Clarity and....Inner peace.

In short, Resistance Creates Confusion. So Does Denial.

And full unconditional acceptance creates clarity.


Journaling is a beautiful way to find clarity. So is meditation. That said there are times when your blocks will get in the way and you'll find it difficult to move forward. If you get stuck I urge you to seek support in the form of a healer, therapist, friend, coach or someone else. If you decide that each of your days should be filled with inner peace that comes from clarity and prioritise it, then there's nothing that can stop you from having it!


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