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Journaling For Healing & Creativity - Part I - A recap of my 6yr journey

For those of you who have been following my work and my writing for the past few months/years you know that Journaling is the number 1 recommended activity for self-reflection, healing and clarity that I recommend. It changed my life, gave me a chance to find my voice and write my first book and also gave me a chance to explore, reveal and heal hidden depths of my subconscious mind!

If you haven't already watched the video about how to start journaling and why, you can wtach it here:

Since the time I started journaling about 5 years ago, I've come a long way in the self-reflection department. And yet as I look through some of the patterns of my journaling practice in these 5 years, I find myself getting stuck with a few things every now and then. So I decided to write a blog all about understanding what kind of hurdles might come up in the way of journaling for healing, growth and clarity.

Before I get started here's a sneak peek into my practice for these years:

  • Here are the journals, about 8-10 of them, some filled fully, some filled partially and one or two of the small ones that haven't yet been opened.

  • I bought journals with handmade paper, normal paper, some because they looked pretty and some because they seemed to have very high quality paper because I fell for it the minute I touched the paper!

  • I journaled very regularly some months and I could see the difference in the level of clarity I had, from the pages that I browsed through.

  • I used various different pens and mostly my journal were filled with words.

  • Sometimes though I drew mandalas - little circles in my journal with my normal pen and created a snapshot of my mind space in that moment.

Now that we've recapped my journaling journey of the last 6 years, I think it also makes sense to go briefly into the many benefits, the rewards of this really special journey and beautiful practice. So here goes:

  1. If not for my journaling practice that helped me to collect my thoughts and express my words coherently and get rid of the 'junk' along the way, I wouldn't be able to come up with my succinct description of how to use body wisdom to choose your diet and lifestyle, in my book Find Your Rhythm.

  2. My journaling practice has allowed me to see myself in a very clear light, it helps me understand what are my patterns - the hurdles that I usually come across and it also helps me understand that if I wanted to make sure I don't fall off track I need to address these hurdles and pitfalls in advance. I never had this kind of clarity before my journaling practice was regular.

  3. It has given me a way to get out of my head and into my heart. To express authentically and write in a way that has moved hundreds of people. It has allowed me to unleash my creativity that has resulted in me making several pieces of handmade crafts, crochet patterns, paper art and more that has created so much beauty in my physical and mental space.

  4. Very often I got insights and great ideas for blog posts, videos, poems and more. Even though these didn't come at the exact moment when I was journaling, I know that journaling was what helped me to get the mind chatter and distractions out of the way. Every time I had phases of consistent practice, I got in touch with my intuitive creative insights much better.

Part II of my journaling for healing and creativity soon to follow!

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