• Megha Mehta

How To Deal With a Woman Who Owns Her Power

  • Treat her as a person who can make her decisions and doesn't need guidance or protection

  • Listen to her intuitive wisdom on things/areas that you are stuck on

  • Recognise that her inputs will come from the angles that may not occur to you normally

  • When she flares up at a joke or insinuation that you're making, take a pause and see what she really means instead of feeling tempted to defend your stance - she's not fighting against you necessarily but against a lot of confusion and misplaced power over hundreds of years

  • If you want a deep connection - Ask her about her passion, her dreams and her fears

  • She can be a non-judgemental sounding board for you - she may not be used to it but if ask her explicitly to listen and allow yourself to be vulnerable, there can be healing and connection for both of you

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