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Your daily practice isyour strongest practice..

this line above is one that one of my favourite yoga teachers on Youtube, Adeline, always mentions at the end of the class (have you checked her out on Youtube yet? Totally must-do during the lockdown period I say!)

I really do believe it's important to remember this ever so often - especially when you're questioning why you haven't gotten as far as you dreamt you would, or when you're wondering if you'll ever be able to fully align with and manifest the life you're hoping to create - remind yourself -that the quality of your every day practice is all that it comes down to

I know that whatever 'inner work' I might do, the part that will actually begin to have a long term effect on me is the one that I am able topracticeconsistently.

This is exactly why for almost 3 years I felt very turned off about the idea of going to workshops or learning something new!!!

Because I realised that all the things I had learned and the energy/vibe they

brought me to, almost always don't last.

And when the vibe comes crashing down after the end of the workshop then it's easy to feel demotivated and pulled down. 

So the last few years in my life have all been about asking (I truly believe my only job is to ask and that life is always answering the question I am holding within)

* how can i make my life and relationships more effortlessly authentic to who I am?

* how do I draw boundaries in a way that I am playing an active role in how my relationships should look and feel like?

* how can I find a way to stay consistent at the high vibe that I am able to create some of the days?

and many more..

and man I've been finding some kick ass answers in the form of whispers, truths and signs that are evident if I am willing to see them!

Curious to hear what those answers are?

Read on!

*Switch The Energy- in the middle of an intense discussion with my partner, I decided we needed to switch the energy because our discussion had built a lot of negative momentum. So instead of continuing the way we were going, when he went to check on his phone in the bedroom, I used the time window to quickly pour us two glasses ( a few sips) of champagne to celebrate our efforts to keep ourselves going even when it felt so hard to communicate!

* Staying Playful- I've been feeling the power in words - to create energy that is new, to build something that has a different vibe/dimension than we have been accustomed to all this while. For example - put your hand on your heart, press against your heart beat and ask 'what's a phrase or word that my heart would most like to hear right now?' Stay curious for a few seconds/minutes and see what shows up! And then repeat those words to yourself through the day, write them down, put them on a piece of paper under your glass of water. Basically bathe yourself in your own soul medicine <3 

If these and many other such practices call out to you, then you're welcome to join my playgroup - an online community for people to build on their every day practices with commitment and consistency. 

This online play-group is a place which will help you keep your vibe high more often, (irrespective of what practices you follow) help you stay creative and heart-driven and keep you going when everything feels too overwhelming.

The sharing will happen over WhatsApp texts, messages and videos. Only ADMIN can post and you can send in your questions to me separately. If this calls to you,join now.

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